If you are running Mac OSX and your Digital Studio LP Software will not launch, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to download the LabPrints Launcher file (Labprints_Launcher.jar), and save it to your desktop (if your browser does not do so automatically).

  2. Once the launch file has been downloaded, open your hard drive, and go to:

    /Applications/LabPrints/"Your lab name here"/

    If you do not see your lab's name in this folder, there will be a folder called LabPrints or LabPrints_v4 you will place this file in one of these folders instead. (Labprints is for v3.15 and LabPrints_V4 is for v4.0).

    For reference (to make sure you are in the right place), you should see the LabPrints icon in this folder.

  3. Move the Labprints_Launcher.jar file from your desktop into this folder.

  4. Double click on the LabPrints_Launcher.jar file to get LabPrints to run.

****To create a shortcut on your desktop for the launch file ctrl+click on the LabPrints_Launcher.jar file, select create an alias, and drag the alias to your desktop.